Do you suffer from

back pain?

almost 90% of all people have problems with their spine


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automatic medical therapy and massage couch

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Medical therapy couch

Ceragem Master V3-E

Die persönliche medizinische TherapieliegeCeragem Master V3-E ist die bewundernswerte Kombination von Erkenntnissen der westlichen Heilpraxis und der Methoden der fernöstlichen Medizin. Ceragem V3-E has been developed for the daily care of the spine, regeneration of its natural flexions and general support of the body.


It is well known that about 80% of all health problems are directly or indirectly related to the spine. In addition, according to official sources almost 90% of all people will sooner or later have problems with their spine!

We use our concentrated expertise in this area to find the root of your health problems.

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Modern life leads to a lack of exercise, an incorrect muscle tension, a deformation of the pelvis, a variety of damage to the spinal column and muscle system. This is the cause of most back problems and very many complaints!



Durch einzigartige technologische Entwicklungen und Neuheiten, eröffnet CERAGEM Menschen weltweit moderne CERAGEM opens up through unique technological developments and innovations a modern and effective healing methods to people worldwide.

The built-in projector measures the length and contours of the spine while moving up and down automatically from the head to the pelvis and than it determines a customized massage. The projector stimulates acupressure points through contours detection of the cervical vertebra along the spine, which are different for each person. Especially at key points along the spine.

The user determines his personally adapted massage mode through the individual contour detection and the 6-level intensity regulation.

CERAGEM Master V3 provides overall of 12 massage programs based on an alternative medicine in order to obtain an optimal thermal massage that suits your body type and overall physical condition.

The CERAGEM Master V3 disposes a slide function that allows it to be used even in the tightest of spaces. The massage couch matches in every living room, bedroom, home office and other interiors with an elegant and modern design. This massage couch has not only built-in heating, but also fits perfectly into the room. The two external projectors are tuned to the human body and its vital points through alternative medicine. The new and better grip simplifies handling.

CERAGEM’s musical collection contains classical music and sounds of nature and supports you to put you in a meditative state of deep relaxation during the thermal massage. You can make your music choice. If necessary, you can expand the list of musical compositions up to 100 titles. The CERAGEM sound system has integrated 2-way loudspeakers, a headphone connection, an integrated MP3 control system and an SD card (2 GB).

5 types of therapy
for your health

Medical therapy and massage couch from South Korea, which combines thousands of years of experience in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with modern technologies, such as stretching of the spinal column, acupressure, massage, Moxibustone, infrared heat!

Stretching and correction of the spinal column segments with the help of the integrated massage rollers of the mat.

Pressure is exerted on the paravertebral soft parts and acupuncture points of the middle line of the chest and abdomen as part of a reflexotherapy with the help of the integrated movable massage rollers.

Infrared radiation on all body parts and joints with the help of the internal projectors of the mat, the external projector and the carbon plates of the basic and additional mats.

Activation of the biologically active points and reflexotherapy of the meridians of the anterior and posterior parts of the body.

Classic massage with the help of moving massage rollers – a deep, non-stop, lengthwise kneading of body parts. It is used a mechanical action method – “the integrated moving rollers” instead of the hands of the masseur.


The function of the spine scanning is used to measure the length of the back bone and to estimate its natural flexions, which enables to adjust the individual mode of the massage.

Individual adaptation of the Ceragem Master V3-E therapy couch



Effective massage thanks to the automatic settings of the internal projectors. It is made possible by using analysis of the spine.

Tailored to YOUR SPINE

Everyone has a spine of different lengths. The Ceragem V3-E scans your spine, after that is used this information and offered an unprecedented, personalized thermal massage experience.

Explanation of different spine lengths

The Ceragem Master V3-E comes up to all the requirements that can be placed on an ideal system for correcting the spine. The stretching is very gentle, in according to with the natural flexion of the spine. The warming with the long wave infrared heat enhances an overall effect of therapy and ensures an additional user’s comfort.


  1. Belly massage

  2. Leg and calf massage

  3. Pelvic correction

  4. Foot massage

  5. Physical therapy
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10 variation of the Background music function Sounds of nature, classical music, meditation melodies by CERAGEM provide you for relaxation and calming during the massage session. Enjoy the background music by CERAGEM (1-10) or the compositions you have added yourself (11 to approx. 100) at any time!

Relaxation, recovery from / during stress

Stress relief, relaxing

Mental clarity, recovery from fatigue.

Music therapy function of the Ceragem Master V3-E therapy couch


Two loudspeakers are integrated into the Master V3 massage couch, a headphone connection (for jack plug), a combined MP3 control panel and a 4GB SD-card.


Individual intensity adjustment of the massage
(Level 1-6)


The device transforms from bed into a bench thanks to extendable construction with a heating function. The modern and stylish design matches any interiors in your home or office.

The lower mat can be pushed up thanks to extendable construction of the thermal therapy device.

In this case the Master V3 massage lounger takes the form of a couch. The surface of the couch has a heating function.

Such a design enables to use your space very smart.

Design and function of the Ceragem Master V3-E medical therapy massage couch
Design and function of the Ceragem Master V3-E medical therapy massage couch


Bei der Entwicklung des einzigartigen Designs der CERAGEM Master V3 Liege, wurde auf die Expertise des international tätigen Designconsultin Unternehmens Tangerine (Großbritannien), gesetzt. They business partners of companies such as British Airlines, Toyota, Samsung, and Procter and Gamble, among others.

4 phases of action

Most of our visitors and customers need an average of 1 to 3 months of regular sessions / treatments to determine whether the therapy is causing positive changes!

The Ceragem couch cannot be compared to an ordinary massage couch, it is a therapy couch and the body needs time to get used to!

Some health problems are years old and the body takes time to respond to therapy!

Increase of symptoms! when your body begins to respond to the therapy, this is a very frequently results in so-called “healing reactions”! If this happens, they will disappear in a short time! The emergence of “healing reactions” is a positive sign!

You fell asleep during your massage / therapy and we need to wake you up because you are snoring!


A big display, visualised pictograms and explanation on the back make remote control very easy for young and old users.


Users can choose an individual program according to their own wishes. 12 massage programs and 5 additional options are available according to your wishes and prefers.

User explanation video

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CERAGEM V3-E medical therapy massage couch cannot be compared with conventional massage couches.


The Ceragem company was founded in South Korea in 1998. It has been producing technology for health since it was founded Der Name Ceragem kommt von der Zusammenstellung von zwei Wörtern – „ceramic“ (Keramik) und „gem“ (Edelstein).​

Products of Ceragem are a harmonious combination of technical progress with the methods of Western and Eastern alternative medicine.

Ceragem Labor

You activate the inner forces of your body and open up a new quality of life for you thanks to using Ceragem technology – daily strengthening of the state of health, prophylaxis for diseases of many kinds and a long, energetic life.

There are over 3,000 Ceragem demonstration centers in over 70 countries where you can try out our unique health products for free.


Die Philosophie und die Mission des Unternehmens Ceragem wird durch den Leitsatz „Liebe – Sorge – Güte“ wider gegeben.

The company offers its clients a unique therapeutic technology that supports you in all areas of your life and in some cases can significantly improve your quality of life.

It is important for us that you feel good from the first moment. You can test the product completely free of charge in a pleasant atmosphere and experience the positive effects of our technology.

The main mission of the company is to improve human health and spread the knowledge gained in this area around the world.

Philosophy of Ceragem


The products have won worldwide recognition!

Ceragem discovers completely new and effective methods of treatment thanks to modern unique technological developments and innovations. The Ceragem technique is accepted as the best of the analogues. We can satisfy even the most demanding customers thanks to the constant improvement of technologies, a rich assortment and impeccable quality of our products!