Ceragem Testcenter in Ludwigshafen

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You can test FREE the Ceragem Master V3-E massage table before buying in our center in Ludwigshafen for up to 3 months!

You can test before buying the Ceragem Master V3-E massage table! You have the opportunity to test our Ceragem V3 massage table (also other products) at home or in our center in Ludwigshafen for up to 3 months. You can do it daily, free of charge and without obligation!

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The "doctor" is paid only after recovery!

Test a therapy of Ceragem
3 months free


15,- EUR

Why is the trial period so long and free?

We are convinced of the effect of the massage table! Furthermore, we are of the opinion that especially when it comes to your own health, you should be sure that something really helps and only then spend money on it!

We would like to attend you during the testing phase and be by your side so that you can succeed as quickly as possible!

4 phases of action

Most of our visitors and customers need an average of 1 to 3 months of regular sessions / treatments to determine whether the therapy is causing positive changes!

The Ceragem couch cannot be compared to an ordinary massage couch, it is a therapy couch and the body needs time to get used to!

Some health problems are years old and the body takes time to respond to therapy!

Increase of symptoms! when your body begins to respond to the therapy, this is a very frequently results in so-called “healing reactions”! If this happens, they will disappear in a short time! The emergence of “healing reactions” is a positive sign!

You fell asleep during your massage / therapy and we need to wake you up because you are snoring!

Ceragem Testcenter in Ludwigshafen

Testing at home

If you or your family do not have the opportunity to test the massage table in the center, you can also test it at home!

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